Join me on a nature shoot- January in Yosemite

For anyone interested, I’m planning to capture winter scenes in Yosemite National Park sometime in January- new images and research for my the book I’m currently writing.

Join me for a day of shooting, sunrise to sunset, for a small fee ($100/person – 10 person limit).

This isn’t a planned event or workshop with a specific agenda. I’ll simply share my thoughts on photographing nature while we shoot, talk about equipment tips, and so on. We’ll capture images together, you can watch how I work if you wish, see the gear I carry, I’ll sign your Exposure book (if you bought one of my books), and we’ll have a blast.

If you’re interested, contact me at:

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

2 responses

  1. I agree Subrata- with rough weather can come amazing photos- but we could have a storm winter day or a clear blue sky day- either way, we'll have a blast capturing images- and nature photography is never about controlling the weather (since we can't) yet more so controlling our eyes and cameras to create wonderful images.

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